experimental north american west nile virus infection in the red-legged partridge (alectoris rufa).after the introduction of west nile virus (wnv) into north america, bird mortalities associated with west nile disease have dramatically increased in this continent and, to a lesser extent, in europe. the different west nile disease incidence in birds in these 2 continents demands an explanation, and experimental studies can provide important information. the authors inoculated thirteen 9-week-old red-legged partridges (alectoris rufa) with 10(7)plaque-forming units of a wnv strain isolated in n ...201626508695
patient's perception of pain: comparison between korean-american and euro-american obstetric patients.this study explored the differences and similarities in the perception of pain reported between korean-american and euro-american obstetric patients, describing whether the different ethnocultural background of patients affected their perception of pain. gate control theory provided the basis for the study. the theory of pain emphasizes the role of psychological variables in the perception of pain and behavioral responses to pain. the sample (n = 124) consisted of 67 euro-american and 57 korean- ...19989611549
a survey of fraxe allele sizes in three populations.fraxe is a fragile site located at xq27-8, which contains polymorphic triplet gcc repeats associated with a cpg island. similar to fraxa, expansion of the gcc repeats results in an abnormal methylation of the cpg island and is associated with a mild mental retardation syndrome (fraxe-mr). we surveyed the gcc repeat alleles of fraxe from 3 populations. a total of 665 x chromosomes including 416 from a new york euro-american sample (259 normal and 157 with fraxa mutations), 157 from a chinese samp ...19968844095
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