analysis of the ft. laurens, ohio, skeletal sample.this report describes the analysis of the colonial period (1779) skeletal sample (n = 21) from ft. laurens, ohio. the determination of age, sex, and ancestry reveals a relatively young sample (mean = 23.5 years) of males of northern european ancestry. morphometric analysis shows little difference in cranial and postcranial size and shape measures between this sample and a modern sample of euro-americans and previously described colonial to civil war samples. the analysis of skeletal pathologies ...19892679118
deciduous dentition of a late archaic population of ohio.i describe the developmental, metric, morphologic, and pathologic features of deciduous dentition in a terminal late archaic (c. 3000 b.p.) native american population in ohio. development of deciduous dentition in this late archaic population is stable with little sequence variation. the pattern of development (ldc, ldp3, ldp4) cannot be shown to be different from a modern euro-american sample. there is an indication, however, that the permanent first molar in the late archaic population develop ...19902194930
statistically-estimated tree composition for the northeastern united states at euro-american settlement.we present a gridded 8 km-resolution data product of the estimated composition of tree taxa at the time of euro-american settlement of the northeastern united states and the statistical methodology used to produce the product from trees recorded by land surveyors. composition is defined as the proportion of stems larger than approximately 20 cm diameter at breast height for 22 tree taxa, generally at the genus level. the data come from settlement-era public survey records that are transcribed an ...201626918331
understanding mail survey response rates among male reserve component gulf war era this study of current and former male reserve and national guard members from the state of ohio, it was expected that veterans who were older, had more years of military service, who had participated in the persian gulf war, who were euro-americans, who were higher in rank, who had higher residential stability in ohio, who belonged to the air force, who had higher formal education, and who belonged to the national guard would have a greater investment in u.s. society as defined by 11 demograp ...200011191402
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