biosensing in california.worldwide sales of medical biosensors now exceed pounds 2.8 billion (euro 4.1 billion) per annum and applications of biosensing technology are highly relevant to united states homeland security. a recent mission funded by the united kingdom government to california, usa, investigated some of the development work going on there.200617039957
perceived need for treatment among pregnant and nonpregnant women arrestees.previous research has noted a high rate of drug use by women arrestees. not only are women arrestees more likely to be found drug positive by urinalysis than are men arrestees, but in recent years, in part because of drug use, women have constituted the fastest growing population segment involved with the criminal justice system. one small but important subgroup of women arrestees are those who are pregnant and, thus, who particularly need intervention. this article utilizes drug use forecasting ...20078788694
interracial dating: attitudes and experience among american college students in and marriage crossing ethnic, racial, and cultural lines have become increasingly common in the united states. this study examined two aspects, interracial dating behavior and attitudes toward romantic involvement, in four ethnic groups of college students: euro-american, latino, asian-american, and african-american. subjects (196 men, 367 women) were surveyed with regard to their willingness to be romantically involved interracially or interculturally along with their actual interracial ...200011272744
ethnic variations in self-perceived sensitive skin: epidemiological examine possible ethnic variations in perception of sensitive skin, an epidemiological survey was performed in the san francisco area. approximately 800 telephone interviews were conducted with women from four different ethnic groups (afro-americans, asians, euro-americans, hispanics; approximately 200 women per group). in addition to sensitive facial skin assessments, age and other general skin condition data were collected. 52% of the subjects identified themselves as having sensitive facia ...200212000326
a tri-ethnic examination of symptom expression on the positive and negative syndrome scale in schizophrenia spectrum disorders.this study examined differences in symptom expression as measured by the positive and negative syndrome scale (panss [schizophr. bull. 13 (1987) 261]) in a tri-ethnic sample of persons diagnosed with schizophrenia. we hypothesized that ethnic differences would be more apparent in positive scale symptoms than in negative and general scale symptoms of the panss. the sample of 351 persons receiving services in community-based mental health clinics came from the initial phase of the san diego site o ...200312591588
dating and commitment choices as a function of ethnicity among american college students in california.the incidence of interracial and interethnic dating and marriage in the united states has increased. this investigation examined dating and commitment choices as a function of ethnicity and sex among groups of euro-american, hispanic-american, asian-american, and african-american college students. a convenience sample of college students comprising 329 heterosexual subjects (134 men, 195 women) was surveyed regarding their partner preferences for dating, visiting parents, marriage, and bearing c ...200415362407
medicine circles defeating tuberculosis in southern the late 19th and early 20th centuries, two medicine circles existed in indian country: one native and one euro-american. traditional doctors among first nations peoples approached disease in spiritual ways and also used herbal medicine to treat their patients. first nations people tried to treat infectious diseases brought by newcomers through plant medicine, ritual, and ceremony. generally unsuccessful, first nations people and doctors of california learned from practitioners of western med ...200617214127
mitigation of pah and nitro-pah emissions from nonroad diesel engines.more stringent emission requirements for nonroad diesel engines introduced with u.s. tier 4 final and euro stage iv and v regulations have spurred the development of exhaust aftertreatment technologies. in this study, several aftertreatment configurations consisting of diesel oxidation catalysts (doc), diesel particulate filters (dpf), cu zeolite-, and vanadium-based selective catalytic reduction (scr) catalysts, and ammonia oxidation (amox) catalysts are evaluated using both nonroad transient ( ...201525668360
eu effect: exporting emission standards for vehicles through the global market economy.emission data from edgar (emissions database for global atmospheric research), rather than economic data, are used to estimate the effect of policies and of the global exports of policy-regulated goods, such as vehicles, on global emissions. the results clearly show that the adoption of emission standards for the road transport sector in the two main global markets (europe and north america) has led to the global proliferation of emission-regulated vehicles through exports, regardless the domest ...201627681872
pacific salmon extinctions: quantifying lost and remaining diversity.widespread population extirpations and the consequent loss of ecological, genetic, and life-history diversity can lead to extinction of evolutionarily significant units (esus) and species. we attempted to systematically enumerate extinct pacific salmon populations and characterize lost ecological, life history, and genetic diversity types among six species of pacific salmon (chinook [oncorhynchus tshawytscha], sockeye [o. nerka], coho [o. kisutch], chum [o. keta], and pink salmon [o. gorbuscha] ...200717650251
fire management impacts on invasive plants in the western united management practices affect alien plant invasions in diverse ways. i considered the impact of six fire management practices on alien invasions: fire suppression, forest fuel reduction, prescription burning in crown-fire ecosystems, fuel breaks, targeting of noxious aliens, and postfire rehabilitation. most western united states forests have had fire successfully excluded for unnaturally long periods of time, and this appears to have favored the exclusion of alien plant species. forest fuel ...200616903098
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