fire-induced erosion and millennial-scale climate change in northern ponderosa pine forests.western us ponderosa pine forests have recently suffered extensive stand-replacing fires followed by hillslope erosion and sedimentation. these fires are usually attributed to increased stand density as a result of fire suppression, grazing and other land use, and are often considered uncharacteristic or unprecedented. tree-ring records from the past 500 years indicate that before euro-american settlement, frequent, low-severity fires maintained open stands. however, the pre-settlement period be ...200415525985
domestic sheep show average coxiella burnetii seropositivity generations after a sheep-associated human q fever outbreak and lack detectable shedding by placental, vaginal, and fecal routes.coxiella burnetii is a globally distributed zoonotic bacterial pathogen that causes abortions in ruminant livestock. in humans, an influenza-like illness results with the potential for hospitalization, chronic infection, abortion, and fatal endocarditis. ruminant livestock, particularly small ruminants, are hypothesized to be the primary transmission source to humans. a recent netherlands outbreak from 2007-2010 traced to dairy goats resulted in over 4,100 human cases with estimated costs of mor ...201729141023
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