organochlorines in stranded pilot whales (globicephala melaena) from the coast of massachusetts.pilot whales strand periodically along the u.s. coast, and these strandings offer an opportunity for the collection of tissues for biomonitoring of contaminant exposure in cetaceans, as well as for specimen archiving. concentrations of organochlorine (oc) contaminants (e.g., pcb congeners, pesticides, ddts) were measured in tissue samples from pilot whales that stranded in 1986 and 1990 along the massachusetts coast. adult and fetal samples of blubber, liver, brain, and kidney were collected, as ...199910341050
mortality trends of stranded marine mammals on cape cod and southeastern massachusetts, usa, 2000 to understand the cause of death of 405 marine mammals stranded on cape cod and southeastern massachusetts between 2000 and 2006, a system for coding final diagnosis was developed and categorized as (1) disease, (2) human interaction, (3) mass-stranded with no significant findings, (4) single-stranded with no significant findings, (5) rock and/or sand ingestion, (6) predatory attack, (7) failure to thrive or dependent calf or pup, or (8) other. the cause of death for 91 animals could not be dete ...201020225675
spondylitic changes in long-finned pilot whales (globicephala melas) stranded on cape cod, massachusetts, usa, between 1982 and 2000.the primary bone pathology diagnoses recognized in cetacea are osteomyelitis and spondylosis deformans. in this study, we determined the prevalence, type, and severity of vertebral pathology in 52 pilot whales, a mass stranding species that stranded on cape cod, massachusetts, between 1982 and 2000. eleven whales (21%) had hyperostosis and ossification of tendon insertion points on and between vertebrae, chevron bones, and costovertebral joints, with multiple fused blocks of vertebrae. these les ...200516456160
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