prevalence and persistence of taylorella asinigenitalis in male donkeys.this study was undertaken to investigate the prevalence of taylorella asinigenitalis in a subset of the donkey population of michigan and in other equids on farms on which the organism was identified. other aims were to further characterize the carrier state in terms of persistence and preferred sites of colonization of t. asinigenitalis in the male donkey as well as determine the genotype of any isolates of the organism. initial testing of 43 donkeys and 1 mule turned up 4 (9.3%) donkeys cultur ...201222795262
lungworms (dictyocaulus arnfieldi): prevalence in live equids in kentucky.prevalence of natural infections of the lungworm, dictyocaulus arnfieldi, was investigated in kentucky in 5,437 live equids (horses, ponies, and asses) on 91 farms by examination of fecal samples over a 15-month-period from january 28, 1983 to april 19, 1984. for the 91 farms investigated, asses only were examined on 1 farm; for the other 90 farms, examinations were made of horses on all of them, of ponies on 4 farms, and of asses on 9 farms. larvae of d arnfieldi were found in fecal samples of ...19853160271
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