ixodes dammini (acari: ixodidae) infestation on medium-sized mammals and blue jays in northwestern illinois.high prevalence of infestation of five species of medium-sized mammals and blue jays, cyanocitta cristata (l.), by immature ixodes dammini spielman, clifford, piesman and corwin was found in castle rock state park in northwestern illinois during may-august 1991. raccoons, procyon lotor l., and opossums, didelphis virginiana kerr, were infested with the highest larval densities and were trapped primarily in bottomland forest and ecotone habitats. all species had similar nymphal densities, except ...19938254647
trypanosoma cruzi strain tciv infects raccoons from illinois.the northern limits of trypanosoma cruzi across the territory of the united states remain unknown. the known vectors triatoma sanguisuga and t. lecticularia find their northernmost limits in illinois; yet, earlier screenings of those insects did not reveal the presence of the pathogen, which has not been reported in vectors or reservoir hosts in this state.201829211106
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