prevalence of bordetella bronchiseptica in certain central iowa.bordetella bronchiseptica was isolated from 6 of 13 short-tailed shrews (blarina brevicauda) and 1 of 47 house sparrows (passer domesticus) trapped in the vicinity of a swine bordetella rhinitis experimental area. the organism was found in four of 50 foxes (vulpes fulva), 2 of 36 opossums (didelphis marsupialis) and 1 of 37 raccoons (procyon lotor) trapped in the ames, iowa area. this bacterium was not culturally isolated from 14 deer mice (peromyscus maniculatus), 64 house mice (mus musculus), ...197616502690
detection and ecology of leptospirosis in iowa gain additional information on the extent of leptospirosis in wildlife following a human outbreak in iowa, wild mammals and lower forms of life were collected. isolation, darkfield microscopic, serologic and pathologic procedures were used to identify past or present evidence of leptospiral infection. leptospires were isolated from 7 of 75 (9%) mammals. serotype grippotyphosa was isolated from three raccoons (procyon lotor) and one western harvest mouse (reithrodontomys megalotis). serotype b ...197016512128
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