occurrence of duck virus enteritis (duck plague) in pennsylvania, 1968-74.during the 7-year period 1968-74 cases of duck virus enteritis (duck plague) were diagnosed in waterfowl in pennsylvania. muscovy ducks were affected in 8 cases, geese in 3 cases, and mallard ducks in 1 case. in 5 of these cases either domestic or wild ducks were closely associated with infected waterfowl but were unaffected.1975168855
duck plague epizootics in the united states, 1967, the first confirmed diagnosis of duck plague (dp) in the usa was made from pekin ducks (anas platyrhynchos domesticus) on commercial duck farms on long island, new york. within 10 mo, dp was confirmed as the cause of death in migratory waterfowl on a long island bay. this paper reviews 120 dp epizootics reported from 1967 to 1995 that involved waterfowl species native to north america or were reported in areas with free-flying waterfowl at risk. duck plague epizootics occurred in 21 sta ...200111310887
isolation and molecular characterization of a new muscovy duck parvovirus from muscovy ducks in the usa.between 1997 and 1999 several cases of a new disease in muscovy ducks were reported in pennsylvania, usa. the cases were characterized by locomotor dysfunction, weakness, recumbency, 40 to 60% morbidity and 10 to 40% mortality. the most characteristic microscopic lesions were moderate to severe degenerative rhabodomyopathy. in order to characterize the aetiological agent, virus isolation was attempted from the spleen, liver, heart, skeletal muscle and intestine by inoculation of 14-day-old musco ...200617121731
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