plasmodium forresteri n. sp., from raptors in florida and southern georgia: its distinction from plasmodium elongatum morphologically within and among host species and by vector susceptibility.plasmodium forresteri n. sp. naturally infects eastern screech-owls (otus asio), great horned owls (bubo virginianus), barred owls (strix varia), bald eagles (haliaeetus leucocephalus), red-shouldered hawks (buteo lineatus), broad-winged hawks (buteo platypterus), and red-tailed hawks (buteo jamaicensis) in florida and southern georgia. schizonts occur in mature or nearly mature erythrocytes, produce 2-6 merozoites arranged most commonly in fan or cruciform configuration, with mean dimensions am ...19979379302
vector ability of mosquitoes for isolates of plasmodium elongatum from raptors in florida.three isolates of plasmodium elongatum were obtained from 3 species of raptors (red-tailed hawk [buteo jamaicensis], bald eagle [haliaeetus leucocephalus], and eastern screech owl [otus asio]) from florida using isodiagnostic techniques in pekin ducks (anas platyrhynchos). six to 10 species of mosquitoes were tested for susceptibility to these 3 isolates. complete development of the sporogonic cycle of the 3 isolates of p. elongatum occurred in 3 species of mosquitoes, culex nigripalpus, culex r ...19989645854
a retrospective study of morbidity and mortality of raptors in florida: 1988-1994.a retrospective study was conducted on 390 raptors admitted to the university of florida veterinary medical teaching hospital (vmth) during 1988-1994. representatives of 20 species were admitted; the five most common species were the barred owl (strix varia, 72), eastern sreech owl (otus asio, 63), red-shouldered hawk (buteo lineatus, 49), bald eagle (haleaeetus leucocephalus, 43), and red-tailed hawk (buteo jamaicensis, 38). a primary clinical diagnosis was determined in 340 (87%) of the 390 ra ...19989732030
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