serologic evidence of west nile virus infection in three wild raptor populations.we assayed for west nile virus (wnv) antibodies to determine the presence and prevalence of wnv infection in three raptor populations in southeast wisconsin during 2003-04. this study was conducted in the framework of ongoing population studies that started before wnv was introduced to the study area. for 354 samples, 88% of 42 adult cooper's hawks (accipiter cooperii), 2.1% of 96 nestling cooper's hawks, 9.2% of 141 nestling red-tailed hawks (buteo jamaicensis), and 12% of 73 nestling great hor ...200516252490
synovial chondromatosis in raptors.fourteen raptors, consisting of 13 great horned owls (bubo virginianus) and one red-tailed hawk (buteo jamaicensis), from central and north central minnesota, western wisconsin, and eastern south dakota (usa) were admitted to a raptor rehabilitation center between june 1992 and june 1995, with perisynovial and synovial chondromatosis affecting multiple joints. birds were severely debilitated primarily due to loss of shoulder motion. the etiology of these lesions in raptors is unknown.199910073365
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