predictive model of avian electrocution risk on overhead power lines.electrocution on overhead power structures negatively affects avian populations in diverse ecosystems worldwide, contributes to the endangerment of raptor populations in europe and africa, and is a major driver of legal action against electric utilities in north america. we investigated factors associated with avian electrocutions so poles that are likely to electrocute a bird can be identified and retrofitted prior to causing avian mortality. we used historical data from southern california to ...201424033371
chlamydiosis in captive raptors.chlamydia psittaci was isolated from four red-tailed hawks (buteo jamaicensis) that died suddenly and from seven birds that survived at a raptor rehabilitation center in california in 1983. one hundred captive raptors representing 14 species in five families were subsequently tested serologically and by direct cloacal culture. c. psittaci was isolated from seven clinically normal birds. forty-four percent of the raptors were considered positive using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), ...19902241695
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