blood lead concentrations in waterfowl utilizing lake coeur d'alene, idaho.the coeur d'alene river basin, lake coeur d'alene, and the spokane river contain elevated heavy metal concentrations in sediment and water from historical mining and ore processing operations in the coeur d'alene basin. lead poisoning has been identified as the cause of death in hundreds of waterfowl utilizing wetlands in the floodplain of the coeur d'alene river, but little was known about hazards to waterfowl from heavy metal contamination in shallow bays and wetlands of lake coeur d'alene. we ...200717082999
field evaluation of lead effects on canada geese and mallards in the coeur d'alene river basin, idaho.hatch year (hy) mallards (anas platyrhynchos) in the coeur d'alene (cda) river basin had higher concentrations of lead in their blood than hy western canada geese (branta canadensis moffitti) (geometric means 0.98 versus 0.28 microg/g, wet weight). the pattern for adults of both species was similar, although geometric means (1.77 versus 0. 41 microg/g) were higher than in hy birds. hy mallards captured in the cda river basin in 1987 contained significantly lower lead concentrations in their bloo ...200010790508
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