helminths of wintering geese in texas.ten canada geese (branta canadensis), 24 snow geese (chen caerulescens) and 22 white-fronted geese (anser albifrons) from coastal texas (usa) were examined for helminths. three cestode, seven nematode, and three trematode species were collected. gizzard nematodes (amidostomum anseris, a. spatulatum and epomidiostomum crami) infected 53 of 54 birds. gross lesions were not attributed to helminth infections and the host population does not appear to be impaired by them.19979249720
cyanobacteria and bmaa: possible linkage with avian vacuolar myelinopathy (avm) in the south-eastern united states.avian vacuolar myelinopathy (avm) is a neurological disease that produces uncoordinated behavior in affected birds in wetland ecosystems of the south-eastern united states. feeding and sentinel trials, field surveys, and genetic studies have implicated the introduced flowering plant species hydrilla verticillata (hydrocharitaceae) and an associated epiphytic cyanobacterial species (order stigonematales) as a causal link to avm. all five morphotypes of cyanobacteria have been shown to produce the ...200919929736
poisoning of canada geese in texas by parathion sprayed for control of russian wheat aphid.approximately 200 canada geese (branta canadensis) died at a playa lake in the texas panhandle shortly after a winter wheat field in the basin adjacent to the lake was treated with parathion to control newly invading russian wheat aphids (diuraphis noxia). no evidence of infectious disease was diagnosed during necropsies of geese. brain che activities were depressed up to 77% below normal. parathion residues in gi tract contents of geese ranged from 4 to 34 ppm. based on this evidence, parathion ...19912067047
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