presumed drowning of aleutian canada geese on the pacific coast of california and oregon.carcasses of 42 and 17 aleutian canada geese (branta canadensis leucopareia), a federally listed endangered species, were found on ocean beaches near crescent city, california, and near pacific city, oregon, respectively, following severe storms. necropsies and other information suggest that the birds were flushed during the storms and somehow entered the water where they were washed into the surf and drowned.19892716111
microbial diversity and host-specific sequences of canada goose feces.methods to assess the impact of goose fecal contamination are needed as the result of the increasing number of canada geese (branta canadensis) near north american inland waters. however, there is little information on goose fecal microbial communities, and such data are important for the development of host-specific source-tracking methods. to address this issue, 16s rrna gene clone libraries for canada goose fecal samples from ontario, canada, and ohio were analyzed. analyses of fecal clones f ...200919633110
a review of episodes of zinc phosphide toxicosis in wild geese (branta spp.) in oregon (2004-2011).epizootic mortality in several geese species, including cackling geese (branta hutchinsii) and canada geese (branta canadensis), has been recognized in the willamette valley of oregon for over a decade. birds are generally found dead on a body of water or are occasionally observed displaying neurologic clinical signs such as an inability to raise or control the head prior to death. investigation of these epizootic mortality events has revealed the etiology to be accidental poisoning with the rod ...201323293161
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