free-living canada geese and antimicrobial resistance.we describe antimicrobial resistance among escherichia coli isolated from free-living canada geese in georgia and north carolina (usa). resistance patterns are compared to those reported by the national antimicrobial resistance monitoring system. canada geese may be vectors of antimicrobial resistance and resistance genes in agricultural environments.200515963291
antibodies to avian influenza viruses in canada geese (branta canadensis): a potential surveillance tool?traditionally, the epidemiology of avian influenza viruses (aivs) in wild birds has been defined by detection of virus or viral rna through virus isolation or reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction. our goals were to estimate aiv antibody prevalence in canada geese (branta canadensis) and measure effects of age and location on these estimates. we collected 3,205 samples from nine states during june and july 2008 and 2009: georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, mississippi, new jersey, north ...201223060517
hematologic parameters and hemoparasites of nonmigratory canada geese (branta canadensis) from greensboro, north carolina, usa.large flocks of wild, nonmigratory canada geese (branta canadensis) have established permanent residence throughout the eastern united states and have become a public concern. few studies have assessed the hematologic parameters for these populations, which could provide useful information for monitoring individual and population health of canada geese. this study measured the hematologic parameters and detected the presence of hemoparasites from 146 wild, nonmigratory canada geese in central no ...201424881149
cyanobacteria and bmaa: possible linkage with avian vacuolar myelinopathy (avm) in the south-eastern united states.avian vacuolar myelinopathy (avm) is a neurological disease that produces uncoordinated behavior in affected birds in wetland ecosystems of the south-eastern united states. feeding and sentinel trials, field surveys, and genetic studies have implicated the introduced flowering plant species hydrilla verticillata (hydrocharitaceae) and an associated epiphytic cyanobacterial species (order stigonematales) as a causal link to avm. all five morphotypes of cyanobacteria have been shown to produce the ...200919929736
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