influenza in canada geese.the role of wild avian species in the natural history of influenza is unknown. a serological study was carried out to ascertain the prevalence, distribution, and types of influenza antibody in several wild canada goose populations. geese were trapped and blood samples were obtained in each of 4 consecutive years, 1966-69. antibody to influenzavirus was found in 66 (4.7%) of the 1 401 canada geese tested by the haemagglutination inhibition (hi) test. antiribonucleoprotein antibody was found in 8 ...19724541003
escherichia coli populations in great lakes waterfowl exhibit spatial stability and temporal shifting.populations of escherichia coli from juvenile and adult ring-billed gulls, juvenile common terns, and adult canada geese were sampled over 6 years at five locations on lake superior (duluth, mn, and wisconsin) and lake michigan (wisconsin, illinois, and indiana) to determine the extent of spatial and temporal variability in e. coli strains. strain identity was determined using horizontal fluorophore-enhanced repetitive element palindromic dna fingerprinting. multivariate statistics were used to ...200919139226
prevalence of spindle cell sarcomas among wild canada geese from southern illinois.over a 6-yr period, two cases of neoplastic disease were diagnosed among 1,272 wild canada geese (branta canadensis interior) collected in illinois (usa), wisconsin (usa), and ontario, canada. one juvenile goose of each sex was involved. in both cases > 35 discrete masses were observed subdermally, intramuscularly, and within the body cavity. the tumors, diagnosed as spindle cell sarcomas, are among the most commonly observed neoplasms in free-living north american waterfowl. based on our data, ...19921474671
spatial and temporal variation in lead levels related to body condition in the mississippi valley population of canada geese.concern over lead poisoning led to progressive prohibition of toxic shot to harvest waterfowl in the 1980's. nevertheless, waterfowl remain susceptible to ingestion of lead shot because illegal use continues and spent shot persists in soil and wetland substrates. while mortality due to lead toxicosis has subsided, sublethal effects may still affect survival and reproduction. we measured liver lead levels and body condition in 732 canada geese (branta canadensis interior) during july 1984 to apri ...199910231744
subtype-specific influenza a virus antibodies in canada geese (branta canadensis).historically, surveillance for influenza a viruses (iavs) in wild birds has relied on viral detection assays. this was largely due to poor performance of serological assays in wild birds; however, recently developed commercial serological assays have improved the ability to detect iav antibodies in wild birds. serological surveillance for iav antibodies in canada geese (branta canadensis) has shown that, despite a low prevalence of virus isolations, canada geese are frequently exposed to iavs an ...201525845755
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