evidence of avian metapneumovirus subtype c infection of wild birds in georgia, south carolina, arkansas and ohio, usa.metapneumoviruses (mpvs) were first reported in avian species (ampvs) in the late 1970s and in humans in 2001. although ampvs have been reported in europe and asia for over 20 years, the virus first appeared in the united states in 1996, leaving many to question the origin of the virus and why it proved to be a different subtype from those found elsewhere. to examine the potential role of migratory waterfowl and other wild birds in ampv spread, our study focused on determining whether population ...200818568663
fecal shedding and antimicrobial susceptibility of selected bacterial pathogens and a survey of intestinal parasites in free-living waterfowl residing in metropolitan parks in central ohio were surveyed for the fecal shedding and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of campylobacter jejuni, escherichia coli, salmonella spp., and pasteurella multocida. in addition, a survey for intestinal parasites was also conducted in these same waterfowl to determine parasite burdens in free-living waterfowl. prevalences of 67%, 50%, and 0.2% of e. coli, c. jejuni, and salmonella spp., respectively, were observed for all water ...200111332473
microbial diversity and host-specific sequences of canada goose feces.methods to assess the impact of goose fecal contamination are needed as the result of the increasing number of canada geese (branta canadensis) near north american inland waters. however, there is little information on goose fecal microbial communities, and such data are important for the development of host-specific source-tracking methods. to address this issue, 16s rrna gene clone libraries for canada goose fecal samples from ontario, canada, and ohio were analyzed. analyses of fecal clones f ...200919633110
characterization of staphylococcus aureus in goose feces from state parks in northeast ohio.staphylococcus aureus can colonize a range of species. although numerous studies have isolated pathogenic bacteria from wild birds, very little is known regarding s. aureus and their potential to spread methicillin-resistant (mrsa) strains. the objective of this study was to determine the presence and molecular characteristics of s. aureus in geese fecal samples collected from ten state parks across northeast ohio (neo). a total of 182 fecal samples from canada geese (branta canadensis) were col ...201728283923
cryptosporidiosis: a brief literature review and update regarding cryptosporidium in feces of canada geese (branta canadensis).canada geese are increasingly abundant in ohio, with large nesting populations throughout the state, and goose feces contaminate grassy areas and pavements in many public, commercial, and residential sites. in 1999 the authors found a high prevalence of giardia, campylobacter, and especially cryptosporidium in collected feces of canada geese. the purpose of this follow-up study was to survey known canada geese sites in three counties in ohio (lucas, ottawa, and wood) and to determine the prevale ...200415032111
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