effects of el niño on distribution and reproductive performance of black brant.climate in low-latitude wintering areas may influence temperate and high-latitude breeding populations of birds, but demonstrations of such relationships have been rare because of difficulties in linking wintering with breeding populations. we used long-term aerial surveys in mexican wintering areas and breeding areas in alaska, usa, to assess numbers of black brant (branta bernicla nigricans; hereafter brant) on their principal wintering and breeding area in el niño and non-el niño years. we us ...200616634306
reference intervals for serum biochemistries of molting pacific black brant ( branta bernicla nigricans) in northern alaska, usa.we determined reference intervals for nine serum biochemistries in samples from 329 molting, after-hatch-year, pacific black brant ( branta bernicla nigricans) in alaska, us. cholesterol and nonesterified fatty acids differed by sex, but no other differences were noted.201728094610
blood selenium concentrations in female pacific black brant molting in arctic alaska: relationships with age and habitat salinity.blood samples collected from 81 female pacific black brant (branta bernicla nigricans) molting near teshekpuk lake, alaska, were analyzed for selenium concentration. the concentration of selenium in blood of after second year (hatched two or more years ago) females (0.84μg/g wet weight) was significantly greater than the concentration in second year (hatched the previous year) females (0.61μg/g wet weight). the concentrations of selenium we found in blood of black brant were 1.5 to 2 times great ...201627381988
carryover effects associated with winter location affect fitness, social status, and population dynamics in a long-distance migrant.we used observations of individually marked female black brant geese (branta bernicla nigricans; brant) at three wintering lagoons on the pacific coast of baja california-laguna san ignacio (lsi), laguna ojo de liebre (lol), and bahía san quintín (bsq)-and the tutakoke river breeding colony in alaska to assess hypotheses about carryover effects on breeding and distribution of individuals among wintering areas. we estimated transition probabilities from wintering locations to breeding and nonbree ...201122030737
feedback dynamics of grazing lawns: coupling vegetation change with animal growth.we studied the effects of grazing by black brant (branta bernicla nigricans) geese (hereafter brant) on plant community zonation and gosling growth between 1987 and 2000 at a nesting colony in southwestern alaska. the preferred forage of brant, carex subspathacea, is only found as a grazing lawn. an alternate forage species, c. ramenskii, exists primarily as meadow but also forms grazing lawns when heavily grazed. we mowed plots of ungrazed c. ramenskii meadows to create swards that brant could ...200312684865
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