cysticerci of taenia ovis krabbei moniez, 1879, in the brain of moose, alces alces (l.) in maine. 19836887439
parelaphostrongylus tenuis in maine moose and the possible influence of faulty baermann procedures.efficacy of cleaning baermann apparati was evaluated to determine if larvae are retained on glassware after evaluating white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) fecal samples containing parelaphostrongylus tenuis. residual p. tenuis larvae were recovered from 7 (11.7%) of 60 baermann apparati cleaned with soap and tap water. of 295 moose (alces alces) fecal samples collected in central and northern maine, only one contained protostrongylid larvae. our data do not support the hypothesis that rec ...19938445780
injuries from motor-vehicle collisions with moose--maine, 2000-2004.moose are among the largest mammals in north america. standing up to 7.5 feet at the shoulder and weighing up to 1,600 lbs, they are the largest members of the deer family. maine's moose population (approximately 29,000) is the biggest in the united states outside of alaska. during a collision with a motor vehicle, a moose usually is struck in the legs, causing its body to roll onto the hood of the vehicle, often collapsing the windshield and roof. as a result, motor-vehicle collisions involving ...200617136021
detection of eastern equine encephalitis virus antibodies in moose (alces americana), maine, 2010.moose sera were collected from harvested animals during the 2010 hunting season in maine. of the 145 serum samples screened by plaque reduction neutralization test (prnt), 16 (11%) had antibodies to eastern equine encephalitis virus (eeev). positive samples were collected from aroostook county (n=13), somerset county (n=2), and piscataquis county (n=1) in northern and central maine. preliminary mosquito surveillance revealed the presence of enzootic and bridge vectors mosquitoes, including culis ...201424359417
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