high-throughput dna sequencing of the ruminal bacteria from moose (alces alces) in vermont, alaska, and the present study, the rumen bacteria of moose (alces alces) from three distinct geographic locations were investigated. moose are large, browsing ruminants in the deer family, which subsist on fibrous, woody browse, and aquatic plants. subspecies exist which are distinguished by differing body and antler size, and these are somewhat geographically isolated. seventeen rumen samples were collected from moose in vermont, alaska, and norway, and bacterial 16s ribosomal rna genes were sequenced u ...201424595908
eastern equine encephalitis in moose (alces americanus) in northeastern vermont.during fall 2010, 21 moose (alces americanus) sera collected in northeastern vermont were screened for eastern equine encephalitis virus (eeev) antibodies using plaque reduction neutralization tests. six (29%) were antibody positive. this is the first evidence of eeev activity in vermont, and the second report of eeev antibodies in moose.201223060520
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