a natural case of chronic wasting disease in a free-ranging moose (alces alces shirasi).chronic wasting disease (cwd) was diagnosed in a free-ranging moose (alces alces shirasi) killed by a hunter in jackson county, colorado, usa, in september 2005. the diagnosis was based upon immunohistochemistry (ihc) demonstrating the presence of accumulations of cwd-associated prion protein (prp(cwd)) in tissue sections of medulla oblongata at the level of the obex (dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus) and in retropharyngeal lymph node (rpln); additional testing by ihc revealed deposits of prp(c ...200717495319
persistent bovine viral diarrhea virus infection in wild cervids of colorado.bovine viral diarrhea virus (bvdv) is a significant viral pathogen of domestic cattle. worldwide, there is evidence of bvdv exposure and infection in wild ungulates; however, the frequency and significance of such events are unknown. to determine the prevalence and distribution of colorado deer, elk, and moose persistently infected (pi) with bvdv, a cross-sectional study was conducted using full-thickness ear tissue samples collected from animals presented to the colorado division of wildlife fo ...200818776103
mineral licks: motivational factors for visitation and accompanying disease risk at communal use sites of elk and cervids acquire most of their essential minerals through forage consumption, though occasionally seek other sources to account for seasonal mineral deficiencies. mineral sources occur as natural geological deposits (i.e., licks) or as anthropogenic mineral supplements. in both scenarios, these sources commonly serve as focal sites for visitation. we monitored 11 licks in rocky mountain national park, north-central colorado, using trail cameras to quantify daily visitation indices (d ...201424711146
high elaeophorosis prevalence among harvested colorado moose.infection with elaeophora schneideri, a filarial parasite, occurs commonly in mule deer (odocoileus hemionus) and elk (cervus elaphus nelsoni), but seemingly less so in moose (alces alces). of 109 carotid artery samples from moose harvested throughout colorado, usa, in 2007, 14 (13%; 95% binomial confidence interval [bci]=7-21%) showed gross and 91 (83%; 95% bci=75-90%) showed histologic evidence of elaeophorosis. although neither blindness nor other clinical signs associated with elaeophorosis ...201323778618
elaeophora schneideri in moose (alces alces) from colorado.two adult moose (alces alces) from colorado (usa) were naturally infected with elaeophora schneideri. both animals had patent infections indicating that moose may serve as definitive hosts. gross and histological lesions were characterized by fibromuscular intimal proliferation within the carotid arteries and rete mirabile cerebri. this is the first report of elaeophora schneideri in moose from colorado.19911829767
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