the epidemiology of attempted suicide in the oxford area, england (1989-1992).the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of attempted suicide in oxford, united kingdom, between 1989 and 1992 are reported on the basis of data collected as part of the who/euro multicentre study of parasuicide in europe. some further findings for the period 1976-1992 are also described. rates of attempted suicide were particularly high among females aged 15-19 years. there was a very marked association in males and females between attempted suicide and both lower socioeconomic status a ...19947859480
breast cancer screening; cost-effective in practice?the main aim of national breast screening is a reduction in breast cancer mortality. the data on the reduction in breast cancer mortality from three (of the five) swedish trials in particular gave rise to the expectation that the dutch programme of 2-yearly screening for women aged 50-70 would produce a 16% reduction in the total population. in all likelihood, many of the years of life gained as a result of screening are enjoyed in good health. according to its critics the actual benefit that ca ...200010674787
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