antibodies to brucella in marine mammals around the coast of england and wales.following the isolation of previously unrecognised species of brucella from stranded seals and cetaceans in scotland and northern england, a serological survey was carried out to investigate the range of marine mammal species which may have been exposed to brucella species around the coasts of england and wales, the prevalence of infection and the temporal and geographical distribution of seropositive animals. serum collected from 153 stranded marine mammals from the coasts of england and wales ...19979416675
causes of mortality and non-fatal conditions among grey seals (halichoerus grypus) found dead on the coasts of england, wales and the isle of man.a survey of the diseases detectable in 141 grey seals stranded on the coasts of england and wales away from breeding colonies was carried out between mid-1989 and early 1997. the most common fatal conditions in pups less than three weeks of age were trauma (24 per cent of deaths) and dystocia (12 per cent); in pups more than three weeks of age thy were starvation (22 per cent) and pneumonia (22 per cent); in juveniles they were drowning in fishing gear (30 per cent) and starvation (19 per cent), ...19989682418
sediment contaminant surveillance in milford haven waterway.sediment contaminants were monitored in milford haven waterway (mhw) since 1978 (hydrocarbons) and 1982 (metals), with the aim of providing surveillance of environmental quality in one of the uk's busiest oil and gas ports. this aim is particularly important during and after large-scale investment in liquefied natural gas (lng) facilities. however, the methods inevitably have changed over the years, compounding the difficulties of coordinating sampling and analytical programmes. after a review b ...201626676410
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