y-chromosomal variation of local goat breeds of turkey close to the domestication centre.genetic variations in chromosome y are enabling researchers to identify paternal lineages, which are informative for introgressions and migrations. in this study, the male-specific region markers, sex-determining region-y (sry), amelogenin (amely) and zinc finger (zfy) were analysed in seven turkish native goat breeds, angora, kilis, hair, honamlı, norduz, gürcü and abaza. a snp in the zfy gene defined a new haplotype y2c. all domestic haplogroups originate from capra aegagrus, while the finding ...201525781056
genetic diversity of eight domestic goat populations raised in turkey.the objective of this study was to determine the intra- and intergenetic diversities of eight different goat populations in turkey including hair, angora, kilis, yayladag, shami, honamli, saanen, and alpine. a total of 244 dna samples were genotyped using 11 microsatellites loci. the genetic differentiation between breeds was considerable as a result of the statistically significant (p < 0.001) pairwise f st values of each pair of breeds. exceptionally, f st values calculated for honamli and hai ...201627092309
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