[a million football fans in a city of 120,000 inhabitants--a nightmare for emergency medicine and disaster management? euro 2008 and the "orange wonder of berne"].the 2008 european football championship 2008 (euro 08) is the largest sporting event ever organized in switzerland. one million visitors came to the city of berne during the event and the local airport in bern/belp registered 261 extra flights. for each football game there were 33,000 fans in the stadium and 100,000 fans in the public viewing zones.the ambulance corps and the department of emergency medicine (ed) at inselspital, university hospital berne, were responsible for basic medical care ...201121161154
gender differences in methods of suicide attempts and prevalence of previous suicide attempts.suicide attempts are important predictors of completed suicide. adolescents admitted to the emergency room of a large university hospital in bern after a suicide attempt during the years 2004-2010 were prospectively assessed for methods of suicide attempt.201324240496
effectiveness of the bern ambulatory interprofessional rehabilitation (bai-reha) programme for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain: a cohort study.chronic pain has a high impact on individuals and society. (cost-)effective interventions are desperately needed. we evaluated short- and long-term effects of the bern ambulatory interprofessional rehabilitation (bai-reha) for patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain.201728488263
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