upgrading and expansion of the käppala wastewater treatment plant. operational experiences and results.käppala association has the responsibility to receive and treat wastewater from 11 municipalities situated just north of stockholm in sweden. running a tunnel system, 60 km long, and a treatment plant meets this responsibility. the plant is situated in lidingö, northeast of stockholm. the load 2002 corresponds to about 520,000 p.e. during the 1990s the plant was upgraded and expanded to meet an increasing population and more stringent discharge limits. nitrogen removal was introduced. the expans ...200415553453
parasuicide in the nordic countries.this article gives an account of some findings of the who/euro multicentre study on parasuicide from the five nordic centres: helsinki (finland), stockholm (sweden), and the countries of funen (denmark), sø-trøndelag (norway) and västerbotten (sweden). for parasuicide patients treated in hospital in these five nordic centres, the parasuicide rates per 100,000 inhabitants per annum were 222 for women, 213 for men and 224 for both sexes combined. in all the nordic centres except helsinki, women ha ...19947846474
quality of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug prescribing in croatia (rijeka) and sweden (stockholm).we compared the utilisation pattern and cost of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (nsaids) in rijeka, croatia and in stockholm, sweden using a newly introduced method for assessing the quality of drug use, i.e. to determine the number of drugs that account for 90% of the use and the adherence to evidence-based recommendations within this segment (the du90% methodology).200212107607
effects on work resumption of a co-operation project in vocational rehabilitation. systematic, multi-professional, client-centred and solution-oriented co-operation.the present aim was to evaluate the effect of systematic multi-professional co-ordinated rehabilitation (the stockholm co-operation project) on the number of days' sick leave during the first and second half-years after the rehabilitation co-ordination period, compared to the year before. another aim was to evaluate the economic effects at national level.200616507508
cost-effectiveness of real-world infliximab use in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in sweden.the objective of this study was to estimate the cost-effectiveness of infliximab use in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (ra) in swedish clinical practice, based on patient-level data from the stockholm tnf-alpha follow-up registry (sture).201020059781
changes in rates, methods and characteristics of suicide attempters over a 15-year period: comparison between stockholm, sweden, and würzburg, investigate age and sex-specific changes in rates, methods used and characteristics of suicide attempters receiving medical care, over a 15-year period in two european who catchment areas (stockholm, sweden; and würzburg, germany).201120820754
favourable cost-benefit in an early defibrillation programme using dual dispatch of ambulance and fire services in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest.out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is fatal without treatment, and time to defibrillation is an extremely important factor in relation to survival. we performed a cost-benefit analysis of dual dispatch defibrillation by ambulance and fire services in the county of stockholm, sweden.201221739334
opposite drug prescription and cost trajectories following integrative and conventional care for pain--a case-control study.pharmacotherapy may have a limited role in long-term pain management. comparative trajectories of drug prescriptions and costs, two quality-of-care indicators for pain conditions, are largely unknown subsequent to conventional or integrative care (ic) management. the objectives of this study were to compare prescribed defined daily doses (ddd) and cost of first line drugs for pain patients referred to conventional or anthroposophic ic in stockholm county, sweden.201424827981
a cost-effectiveness analysis of alcohol prevention targeting licensed premises.a multi-component alcohol prevention programme targeting licensed premises has been ongoing in stockholm since 1996. an earlier study has established that this led to a 29% reduction in police-reported violence. the objective of the present study is to calculate the programme's cost-effectiveness from a societal perspective; the cost of implementation, the savings made as a result of fewer assaults, unlawful threats and violence towards officials, and the health gains in terms of quality-adjuste ...200717387105
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