the key role of the barefoot fisheries advisors in the co-managed turf system of galicia (nw spain).many authors have pointed out the need for simpler assessment and management procedures for avoiding overexploitation in small-scale fisheries. nevertheless, models for providing scientific advice for sustainable small-scale fisheries management have not yet been published. here we present one model; the case of the barefoot fisheries advisors (bfas) in the galician co-managed territorial users rights for fishing. based on informal interviews, gray literature and our personal experience by being ...201324214003
pathological gambling in spanish children and adolescents: an emerging problem.several studies have shown a high prevalence of pathological gamblers among adults in spain (between 1.5% and 1.7%) of the population (18 years and older). in other countries the prevalence of pathological gambling in children and adolescents has been higher than in adults. here some results of the first studies conducted in spain concerning the prevalence of pathological gambling in school children and adolescents (11-16 years) are presented for two cities located in different northern regions ...19979293217
[2 methods for the study of differential mortality based on sex: rates ratio and orthogonal regression].sex mortality differential is studied for all the causes of death, in la coruña (galicia, spain), according to geographic area, zone (urban, semiurban and countryside) and decade (1961-1970 y 1971-1980). two study methods are compared: a) rate ratio (with direct age-adjusted rates); and b): differential (dj) between observed rate (m) and expected rate (m), for male mortality, according to female level (orthogonal regression model). t-student-fisher tests have been used to compare an observed mea ...20162517786
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