[in process citation].introducción: la desnutrición relacionada con la enfermedad (dre) es un problema sociosanitario frecuente que afecta preferentemente a los mayores de 65 años, que aumenta la morbimortalidad y disminuye la calidad de vida.  objetivo: estudiar la prevalencia de dre en mayores de 65 años en diferentes centros sociosanitarios del servicio regional de bienestar social de la comunidad de madrid. métodos: estudio transversal en 33 centros sociosanitarios de madrid (6 centros de atención primaria [ap], ...201627238783
a prospective, randomised, cross-over trial comparing two standard polyvinyl chloride tracheal tubes. are all the tubes the same?a randomised study was conducted on the number of attempts made during the conventional endotracheal intubation of a mannequin using two polyvinyl (pvc) tracheal tubes, apparently similar but from different manufactures: intersurgical (is; intersurgical s.l., madrid, spain) and mallinckrodt (ml; mallinkrodt medical s.a., madrid, spain).201726867477
apolipoprotein e pittsburgh variant is not associated with the risk of late-onset alzheimer's disease in a spanish population.the objective of this study was to assess whether the apoe(pittsburgh) variant (apoe*4p) is associated to alzheimer's disease (ad) in a population from madrid (spain). apoe*4p variant is caused by an exonic mutation which results in the substitution of proline-28 for leucine-28, only present in apoe*4 alleles. a study in a us population associated this apoe variant with an increased risk for ad, about five times higher than the risk attributed to apoe*4 carriers overall. one hundred and seventee ...200312815750
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