home artificial nutrition in a sanitary area of galicia (spain): descriptive study and proposals for the future.home artificial nutrition (han) is a technique in increasing use, but the available data about it is limited because record-keeping in most countries is voluntary. our objective is to describe the characteristics of han in our setting and to design a future proposal that improves its coordination.201419160893
spanish government appeals against new law on generics in galicia that is set to save 93 m euro a year. 201121321013
effect of introducing piglets from farrow-to-finish breeding farms into all-in all-out fattening batches in spain on productive parameters and economic profit.a prospective study was conducted to assess the effect of introduction of piglets from farrow-to-finish farms on the global performance of all-in all-out fattening batches in galicia (nw spain). two hundred and thirty-nine fattening batches from 48 fattening farms integrated in a cooperative were used in the study. all-in all-out fattening batches were classified according to the category of farm that supplied the piglets. origin f was a fattening batch where all feeder piglets came from one or ...200717434217
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