the societal costs of intracerebral hemorrhage in spain.this study estimates the lifetime societal costs associated with incident intracerebral hemorrhage (ich) in spain. an epidemiological model of ich incidence, survival and morbidity was developed using retrospective data from 28 hospitals in andalusia and published data identified in a systematic literature review. data on resource utilization and costs were obtained from five hospitals in the canary islands, whereas cost of outpatient care, informal care and lost productivity were obtained from ...200717437616
excess hospitalizations, hospital days, and inpatient costs among people with diabetes in andalusia, spain.the goal of this study was to estimate the excess hospitalizations, hospital days, and inpatient costs attributable to diabetes in andalusia, spain (37 hospitals, 7,236,459 inhabitants), during 1999 compared with those without diabetes.200415277415
usefulness of the daily defined dose method to estimate trends in the consumption, costs and prevalence of the use of home enteral analyse the trends in consumption and costs of home enteral nutrition (hen) products in andalusia (spain) and estimate the prevalence of hen from 2000 to 2007.200919272680
[evaluation of a grant program for improving health and safety in small and medium companies in andalusia (spain).]to evaluate a grant program for the development and support of occupational safety projects in small and medium companies (smc) in andalusia. the analysis includes data and results of the program between 2006 and 2008.201223797630
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