[the cost of cerebrovascular accident].one out of three persons will die of cerebrovascular accident (cva), another one will be disabled, and the third one will recover. this research has been taken to estimate the costs of cva in the basque country.200915849673
medical costs of cancer attributable to work in the basque country (spain) in 2008.[corrected] underreporting of work-related cancer in the basque country (spain) is massive. the aim of our study is to estimate the job-related cancer in the basque country in 2008 treated by the basque public health system-osakidetza, as well as the medical costs derived from its treatment in the same year.201623454869
the impact of acquired brain damage in terms of epidemiology, economics and loss in quality of life.patients with acquired brain damage (abd) have suffered a brain lesion that interrupts vital development in the physical, psychological and social spheres. stroke and traumatic brain injury (tbi) are the two main causes. the objectives of this study were to estimate the incidence and prevalence of abd in the population of the basque country and navarre in 2008, to calculate the associated cost of the care required and finally to assess the loss in health-related quality of life.201121496356
estimating medical costs of work-related diseases in the basque country (2008).to estimate the medical costs of work-attributable diseases (wad) treated by the public health care system for one of the spanish autonomous communities, the basque country, in 2008.201324228305
economic evaluation of the breast cancer screening programme in the basque country: retrospective cost-effectiveness and budget impact analysis.breast cancer screening in the basque country has shown 20 % reduction of the number of bc deaths and an acceptable overdiagnosis level (4 % of screen detected bc). the aim of this study was to evaluate the breast cancer early detection programme in the basque country in terms of retrospective cost-effectiveness and budget impact from 1996 to 2011.201627251556
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