[comparison of two cesarean techniques: classic versus misgav ladach cesarean].the aim of the study was to compare two cesarean section techniques methodology. a prospective study was conducted ub 400 cesareans performed at the gynecological and obstetric clinic of the dakar teaching hospital between march 2000 and august 2000. two hundred patients underwent the classical procedure (cl group) and the other 200 the misgav ladach procedure (ml group). per- and post-operative data were compared between the two groups with student's test and the chi(2) test. a p-value less tha ...200212407329
[assessing the direct cost of medical care for hiv between the third and tenth year of arv treatment in dakar].the direct cost of medical care for hiv infection-excluding arvs, viral load and cd4 counts-was assessed for patients who received arv treatment in senegal within the framework of the anrs cohort 1215, between the third and tenth year of follow-up. the average annual direct cost was estimated at 120 <euro>/patient/year; this amount remained stable over the first ten years of treatment follow-up. biological assessments for routine follow-up account for the majority of these costs (66%), followed ...201425048463
[epidemioclinical and legal aspects and cost management of sexual abuse among minors in dakar, senegal].specify epidemioclinical and legal aspects of sexual abuse among minors and evaluate the cost of care in dakar.201525724601
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