[statistical analysis of secondary sex ratio variation in sable martes zibellina l].the secondary sex ratio in sable martes zibellina l. maintained in captivity was estimated for the first time ever. the data obtained at the pushkin pedigree breeding farm (moscow oblast) in 1982 through 1987 were analyzed. in total, 1705 litters of 414 females were examined. the total frequency of male births (p) was 0.527 +/- 0.007; the 95%-confidence interval of p (the probability of birth of a male) was within the limits 0.513 < p < 0.541, and the deviation from the expected 1:1 ratio was st ...200211898614
[the effect of artificial selection for coat color on fitness in a farm population of the sable (martes zibellina)].the relationship between the response to artificial selection for darker coat color and fitness in a farm population of the sable (martes zibellina l.) from the pushkinskoe fur farm (moscow oblast) was studied. the selection was performed during 41 years. by the moment of the study, a response to the selection for this character had been obtained: the coat color in the selected population had become darker, and the proportion of black animals in it increased. in addition, sables with black heads ...200818727394
[microsatellite analysis of two captive populations of sable (martes zibellina l.)].the high value of sable (martes zibellina l.) fur and stable demand for it over the centuries have led to suboptimal hunting patterns and, as a result, considerable fluctuations in the sizes of natural populations of this species. to maintain the traditional export of sable fur, efforts towards commercial domestication of sable have been made in russia. the first farm population of sable consisted of animal from eight natural populations in 1929. after the problems related to breeding in captivi ...201122384691
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