mitochondrial dna diversity of pakistani goats.pakistan contains numerous domestic goat breeds, but until now there has been no comprehensive study on genetic diversity or a phylogenetic analysis of pakistani goats. in this study, we analysed the complete mitochondrial dna d-loop and the cytochrome b gene of 13 pakistani domestic goat breeds (capra hircus) and one wild goat, the sindh ibex (capra aegagrus blythi). the phylogenetic analyses and sequence divergence (sd) established four distinct mt-lineages termed as a, b and c (previously rep ...200314687071
evidence of peste des petits ruminants virus (pprv) infection in sindh ibex (capra aegagrus blythi) in pakistan as confirmed by detection of antigen and outbreak resulting in mortality in sindh ibex (capra aegagrus blythi) was investigated. there was a history of about 36 deaths (both young and adult) during the period of 1 month. disease appeared in a generalized form, affecting the respiratory and digestive systems. major lesions were respiratory distress, pustules on and in the mouth, ocular-nasal discharges, and severe diarrhea. the most significant lesion was the oculonasal discharges and diarrhea. deaths were mainly due to blindness, an ...201121221782
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