foraging behaviour of juvenile female new zealand sea lions (phocarctos hookeri) in contrasting environments.foragers can show adaptive responses to changes within their environment through morphological and behavioural plasticity. we investigated the plasticity in body size, at sea movements and diving behaviour of juvenile female new zealand (nz) sea lions (phocarctos hookeri) in two contrasting environments. the nz sea lion is one of the rarest pinnipeds in the world. most of the species is based at the subantarctic auckland islands (ai; considered to be marginal foraging habitat), with a recolonizi ...201323671630
first report of systemic toxoplasmosis in a new zealand sea lion (phocarctos hookeri).a 1-year-old female new zealand sea lion (phocarctos hookeri) was intermittently observed in the otago region of new zealand over an 11-month period, always dragging her hind flippers. in december 2012 the sea lion was found dead, after a period of several days being observed to be harassed by male sea lions.201727588458
serologic evaluation of new zealand sea lions for exposure to brucella and leptospira spp.a serologic survey of anti-brucella and antileptospiral antibodies was conducted on 147 adult, female new zealand sea lions (phocarctos hookeri). most sea lions (n=138) were sampled at sandy bay, enderby island, auckland islands (50°30's, 166°17'e), january 2000-march 2005. nine were sampled at otago, new zealand (46°0's, 170°40'e); four in april 2008 and five in march 2009. serum from one of the enderby island females was weakly positive for antibodies to brucella abortus using the competitive ...201020966283
novel morphological and molecular data for corynosoma hannae zdzitowiecki, 1984 (acanthocephala: polymorphidae) from teleosts, fish-eating birds and pinnipeds from new zealand.the polymorphid acanthocephalan, corynosoma hannae zdzitowiecki, 1984 is characterised on the basis of newly collected material from a new zealand sea lion, phocarctos hookeri (gray), and long-nosed fur seal, arctophoca forsteri (lesson) (definitive hosts), and from stewart island shags, leucocarbo chalconotus (gray), spotted shags, phalacrocorax punctatus (sparrman) and yellow-eyed penguins, megadyptes antipodes (hombron & jacquinot) (non-definitive hosts) from new zealand. specimens are descri ...201727765681
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