pathogenic leptospira serovars in free-living sea lions in the gulf of california and along the baja california coast of mexico.the california sea lion ( zalophus californianus ), a permanent inhabitant of the gulf of california in mexico, is susceptible to pathogenic leptospira spp. infection, which can result in hepatic and renal damage and may lead to renal failure and death. during summer 2013, we used the microscopic agglutination test (mat) to investigate the prevalence of anti-leptospira antibodies in blood of clinically healthy sea lion pups from seven rookery islands on the pacific coast of baja california (paci ...201626967136
california sea lions (zalophus californianus californianus) have lower chlorinated hydrocarbon contents in northern baja california, méxico, than in california, usa.chlorinated hydrocarbons (chs) were determined in blubber samples of 18 california sea lions (zalophus californianus californianus) that stranded dead along todos santos bay, ensenada, baja california, méxico, january 2000-november 2001. summation operatorddts were the dominant group (geometric mean 3.8 microg/g lipid weight), followed by polychlorinated biphenyls ( summation operatorpcbs, 2.96 microg/g), chlordanes (0.12 microg/g) and hexachlorocyclohexanes (0.06 microg/g). the summation operat ...200616297516
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