rickettsia lusitaniae associated with ornithodoros yumatensis (acari: argasidae) from two caves in yucatan, mexico.the genus rickettsia includes obligate intracellular bacteria transmitted by several hematophagous arthropods such as ticks, fleas and sucking lice. in particular hard ticks (ixodidae) have been cited as the main vectors of pathogenic rickettsiae in mexico. however, there have been only two records of a single rickettsia species associated with mexican soft ticks (argasidae). in this study, we searched for rickettsial dna in argasid ticks (13 adults and eight nymphs of ornithodoros yumatensis) f ...201627639933
leishmania (l.) mexicana infected bats in mexico: novel potential reservoirs.leishmania (leishmania) mexicana causes cutaneous leishmaniasis, an endemic zoonosis affecting a growing number of patients in the southeastern states of mexico. some foci are found in shade-grown cocoa and coffee plantations, or near perennial forests that provide rich breeding grounds for the sand fly vectors, but also harbor a variety of bat species that live off the abundant fruits provided by these shade-giving trees. the close proximity between sand flies and bats makes their interaction f ...201525629729
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