four myxobolus spp. (myxosporea: bivalvulida) from the gill lamellae of common carp (cyprinus carpio) and japanese silver crucian carp (carassius langsdorfii) in the western part of japan, with the description of three new species (m. tanakai n. sp., m. paratoyamai n. sp., and m. ginbuna n. sp.).approximately three dozen myxobolus spp. (myxozoa: myxosporea: bivalvulida) have been described to parasitize the gills of carp of the genera cyprinus and carassius. hitherto, these fish were often introduced to temperate waters worldwide as food and ornamental fish from asia, their place of origin. the present study examined the myxosporean infection of seven common carp (cyprinus carpio) and seven japanese silver crucian carp (carassius langsdorfii) collected from the fushinogawa river around ...201728681102
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