new remarkable records of microfungi from sardinia (italy).in june 2009 we organized a botanical student excursion to the eastern part of sardinia, italy. on this occasion we were able to collect and identify over 80 species of microfungi growing on higher plants. the collecting sites were spread over a large area, among them were la caletta, capo comino, monte albo, cala gonone, monte maccione, san teodoro, capo testa. the collected microfungi were parasitic or saprophytic; basidiomycotina (uredinales), ascomycotina and deuteromycotina (hyphomycetes, c ...201021534478
vegetable and animal food sorts found in the gastric content of sardinian wild boar (sus scrofa meridionalis).authors report results emerging from gastric content analysis from n. 96 wild boars hunted in sardinia isle, during the hunting tide (2001-2005), from november to january. mean ph of the gastric content was 3.77 +/- 0.69. mean total capacity (tc) of each stomach was 1702 +/- 680 g. mean stuff ratio (cw/tc) between the content weight (cw) and stomachs tc was 0.45. food categories found in animal stomachs were: 19 categories of vegetal species (allium spp., arbutus unedo, arisarum vulgare, avena f ...200717516948
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