oil composition and genetic biodiversity of ancient and new olive (olea europea l.) varieties and accessions of southern italy.the present study is focused on determining the olive oil fatty acid composition of ancient and recent varieties of the campania region (italy), but also on molecularly characterizing the most common cultivated varieties in the same region, together with olive trees of the garden of the university campus of salerno and of three olive groves of south italy. fatty acid methyl esters in the extra virgin oil derived olive fruits were determined, during three consecutive harvests, by gas chromatograp ...201323849116
allergy in urban elderly population living in campania region (southern italy). a multicenter study.given the increasing life expectancy observed in western countries, there is a marked interest to know more about how aging could influence respiratory health. the aim of our study was to assess the prevalence, clinical characteristics and age of onset of allergic sensitization and clinical symptoms in a sample of atopic elders living in campania region area (southern italy). fourteen allergy units or centres examined a total of 462 patients. in this context 215 (46.53%) had positive skin prick ...201627425174
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