a retrospective analysis of the costs and management of genital warts in italy the prevalence of genital warts in women (15-64 years) is approximately 0.6% with an incidence of 0.4% per year. treatments for gw are usually long, with moderate success and high costs. the aim of the study was to evaluate the diagnostic-therapeutic pathway, duration and setting of treatment, costs of episodes of condyloma in a population attending a regional sti clinic in piedmont.201324106891
preparation of candidates for renal transplantation: cost analysis.while the costs of renal transplantation are lower than those of dialysis, little is known about the costs of managing the waiting list. we performed a cost analysis of admission and clinical management of a waiting list for renal and pancreas-kidney transplantation. admission to the waiting list included (1) renal graft from cadaver: minimum cost euros () 1784.56 for men < 55 years, maximum 2127.85 for women >/= 55 years; (2) pancreas-kidney transplantation: minimum 2475.50 for men, maximum 254 ...200415110555
epidemiology and costs of herpes zoster: background data to estimate the impact of 2004, we conducted a study in piemonte (italy), in order to describe incidence, treatment, hospitalizations and costs of herpes zoster (hz), in population over 14 years of age. twenty-four regional general practitioners, with 26,394 patients >14 years in charge (0.71% of the regional population), reported prospectively all diagnosed hz cases. in addition, all regional hospital discharge records were reviewed. forty-six hz cases treated at home were reported, accounting for a total incidence o ...200717889410
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