cost-effectiveness of universal pneumococcal vaccination for infants in italy.this study aimed at estimating the health and economic outcomes of universal infant vaccination with seven-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (pcv-7) in italy. a markov model simulated lifetime evolution of a birth cohort (538,138 children): universal vaccination would avert 769 invasive infections, 18 deaths and 1323 life years. at base-case analysis, universal three-dose vaccination would cost euro 26,449 (95% ci: 1975-62,075) and euro 38,286 (95% ci: 22,164-70,801) per life year-saved in t ...200515992969
a retrospective analysis of human cystic echinococcosis in sardinia (italy), an endemic mediterranean region, from 2001 to assess the current impact of human ce in sardinia (italy) and to monitor the changes over time, a survey has been carried out for the period 2001-2005 using hospital inpatient discharge reports (hdr) as information source, supplementing data wherever possible with additional information retrieved directly from medical records. the total of 726 admissions with "echinococcosis" as primary diagnosis (annual rate of 8.9 per 100,000 inhabitants) concerned 540 ce cases with an annual mean incidence ...201020601105
biological agents for whitefly control in sardinian greenhouse evaluate the effectiveness of alternative options for biocontrol of whiteflies in greenhouse tomatoes, an experiment was carried out during the cropping season 2005-2006 in one of sardinia's major horticultural districts (s. margherita di pula, cagliari, italy). twelve long-cycle and 17 short-cycle tomato crops (8 autumn and 9 spring crops) were surveyed. all of them were treated for insect pest control at the beginning of the growing season, but in 19 out of 29 cases whitefly natural enemies ...200920222592
y-chromosome-specific microsatellite variation in a population sample from sardinia (italy).the genetic variability at seven y-chromosomal microsatellite loci was studied among 113 sardinian males from the regions of campidano of cagliari, nuorese and gallura. the allelic and haplotypes frequency distributions are compared between our sample and from the available literature data on mediterranean and european populations. as a result, the sardinian samples showed a very high allele frequency in the dys19*17, a rarity in the rest of europe, probably due to the founder effect. the analys ...200212528262
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