the summa project: a feasibility study on telemedicine in selected italian areas.telemedicine is achieving relevant clinical importance in rural areas in the management of patients. the second opinion unificata per medici di medicina generale (summa) project was designed to evaluate the feasibility of a joint telemedicine service application across general practitioners and clinical specialists in italy. the secondary objective of the study included the comparison of telemedicine with the routine general practitioners' approach and a cost-effectiveness evaluation. one hundre ...200919382864
mental health care in italy: organisational structure, routine clinical activity and costs of a community psychiatric service in lombardy region.the magenta community mental health centre (cmhc) is the public agency responsible for providing adult psychiatric care to about 85,000 adult residents. in 1995, it had 1,145 clients and incurred costs of euro 1.9 millions. average cost per patient and per adult resident were euro 1,661 and euro 22.2, respectively. these values mask large variation across diagnosis: while patients with schizophrenia and related disorders had an average cost of euro 3,771, those with neurotic and related disorder ...200011201347
[antiasthmatic drug consumption as an indicator of the prevalence of respiratory pathology in a pediatric population].the study of disease prevalence requires specific and sensitive indicators, which are hardly gathered at population level. the use of anti-asthma drugs, which are relatively specific for diseases characterised by bronchospasms, has been already experimented in the usa with algorithms describing patients affected by asthmatic disease by their use of drugs. we retrospectively analyse spatial variations of drug use as dispensed by the ssn (national health service) to lombardy children less than 15 ...200614552198
putting e-government to work in healthcare environment: a multiregional project funded by the italian innovation & technology 2002, the italian ministry of innovation promoted a national bid for e-government projects. specifically it allocated a budget of 120 m euro. one of the four project approved in healthcare sector was the "information, care ("assistenza" in italian) and healthcare education by the web" (iaew), with a global budget of 2580 k euro, partially financed by ministry with a quota of 830 k euro. the project involves 12 medical structures (both national excellences centers and local regional hospitals) ...200415360997
[smoking habits among 13-18 year old students in lombardy].to describe the prevalence of smokers among 13- 18-years-old students in lombardy and to evaluate some related motives.201519353963
the lombardy rare donor 2005, the government of lombardy, an italian region with an ethnically varied population of approximately 9.8 million inhabitants including 250,000 blood donors, founded the lombardy rare donor programme, a regional network of 15 blood transfusion departments coordinated by the immunohaematology reference laboratory of the ca' granda ospedale maggiore policlinico in milan. during 2005 to 2012, lombardy funded lord-p with 14.1 million euros.201423522888
reducing the costs of paediatric antibiotic prescribing in the community by implementing guideline recommendations.italian children receive a high number of antibiotic prescriptions, and the use of second-choice antibiotics is common. a few studies in other countries have demonstrated that the implementation of international guidelines for the most common paediatric diseases may reduce the associated costs. a cost analysis of the expenditure for antibiotic prescriptions in outpatient children in the lombardy region (italy) and for each of the region's local health units (lhus) was performed using a pharmacoe ...201323611435
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