improving environmental quality in an operating room: clinical outcomes and economic experimental study was conducted in a hospital in liguria (northern italy) on two groups of patients with the same disease severity who were undergoing the same type of surgery (primary hemiarthroplasty). our aim was to assessing the results of a quality-improvement scheme implemented in the operating room. the quality-improvement protocol involved analyzing a set of parameters concerning the operating team's behavior and environmental conditions that could be attributed to the operating team ...201324396985
cost-benefit evaluation of influenza vaccination in the elderly in the italian region of liguria.influenza causes considerable morbidity and mortality and the damage to public health can be considerable. the most effective measures available for the prevention of influenza is vaccination. in most industrialised countries the objective of vaccination is to limit the disease among individuals at risk, especially the elderly. during the winter of 2000/2001, general practitioners (gps) monitored 14,818 elderly individuals. the objective was to evaluate the weekly incidence of the disease. furth ...200212477420
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