[disposal of waste glass in sanitary departments: a sample survey in the lazio region].as a result of italian law, dpr 15/7/2003 n. 254, about hospital waste, and given that little has been written about recycling waste glass in hospitals, a survey of 28 health departments in lazio was performed. the objectives were: to estimate the mean quantity of clear vitreous waste in one year, to estimate how vitreous waste is administered, to estimate the extent of the use of plastic instead of glass, to analyse the costs and benefits of glass use and/or plastic use and to evaluate staff tr ...200615366515
[the emergency refund system in lazio region: features and problems].in lazio region, in which rome is located and 5,300,000 inhabitants live, an information system has been started since 1999 to collect personal and clinical data of the admissions to emergency departments. the present work describes the fundamental aspects of the region refund system for the emergency services made by the emergency departments. the article shows both the features of the information flow, on which the financial evaluation is based, and the fundamental steps of the regional delibe ...200615554508
[the outpatient care in the latium region (italy) in 2001].the region of latium has been operating an outpatient care information system (sias) since 1997 to monitor the supply of outpatient care in a territory with a population of over five million. the present work has the aim of describing the outpatient care in the region, in terms of number of facilities involved by category (public and private, operating in the regional public health system) and volume of procedures rendered to residents in 2001. of the 971 outpatient facilities operating in hospi ...200915554509
[survey to evaluate fees charged and time limits for issuing a medical records's paper copy by hospitals of lazio region (italy)].aim of the present study was to evaluate the different fees charged for providing paper copies of medical records and time limits for their delivery. the analysis involved all the public and private hospitals in lazio region (italy). the authors administered a short telephone questionnaire to the medical affairs direction of all the hospitals in the survey. in 94.6% of cases (n=106 hospitals) the requested information have been provided. data analysis showed that average fee charged for issuing ...200918523496
cost-effectiveness of vaccinating for invasive pneumococcal disease in the elderly in the lazio region of italy.pneumococcal vaccination among the elderly is currently recommended in several western countries. we estimated the cost-effectiveness of a hypothetical vaccination campaign of 65+ year olds in the lazio region (italy). baseline net costs per event averted and life-year gained, at 2001 prices, were euro 34,681 (95%ci: euro 28,699 to euro 42,929) and euro 23,361, respectively (95%ci: euro 16,419 to euro 38,297). lower bacteraemic pneumonia incidence and vaccine effectiveness increased the net cost ...200717049685
tuberculosis, brucellosis and leucosis in cattle: a cost description of eradication programmes in the region of lazio, italy.the eradication of tuberculosis, brucellosis and leucosis in cattle has not yet been achieved in the entire italian territory. the region of lazio, central italy, represents an interesting case study to evaluate the evolution of costs for these eradication programmes, as in some provinces the eradication has been officially achieved, in some others the prevalence has been close to zero for years, and in still others disease outbreaks have been continuously reported. the objectives of this study ...201627390169
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