cost-effectiveness of universal pneumococcal vaccination for infants in italy.this study aimed at estimating the health and economic outcomes of universal infant vaccination with seven-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (pcv-7) in italy. a markov model simulated lifetime evolution of a birth cohort (538,138 children): universal vaccination would avert 769 invasive infections, 18 deaths and 1323 life years. at base-case analysis, universal three-dose vaccination would cost euro 26,449 (95% ci: 1975-62,075) and euro 38,286 (95% ci: 22,164-70,801) per life year-saved in t ...200515992969
[cardiac rehabilitation in the region of veneto].in italy there has been a progressive shifting of the legislative and fiscal activity from a national level to a regional one. in the venetian district a series of documents, also concerning the cardiac rehabilitation, has been produced. a document elaborated in 1999 contains a detailed account of eligibility criteria for cardiac rehabilitation as well as of structural and organizational requirements. other documents contain the updated price lists for admission episode (drg 462) or days of stay ...200516499310
[heart failure in eastern veneto: prevalence, hospitalization rate, adherence to guidelines and social costs].heart failure is a prominent problem of public health, requiring innovating methods of health services organization. nevertheless, data are still not available on prevalence, hospitalization rate, adherence to guidelines and social costs in the general italian population. the necessity to identifying patients with heart failure derives from the efficacy of new therapeutic interventions in reducing morbidity and mortality. in this study we aimed to identify, in a subset of the eastern veneto popu ...200617125047
phytochemical investigations on artemisia alba turra growing in the north-east of italy.artemisia alba turra (asteraceae) is an euro-mediterranean plant used in veneto (north-east of italy) as traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases. a. alba is a taxonomically problematic species, characterised by common polymorphism leading to a quite high variability in secondary metabolites content. nonetheless, the phytochemical knowledge on its phytoconstituents, especially non-volatile components, is limited. in the present paper, the phytochemical composition of a tincture ...201727917660
[rehabilitation in the veneto region: towards a logic of clinical governance].to describe the rehabilitation services provided by the health system in the veneto region (4.7 million population) in terms of their organizational setting, the number of patients rehabilitated, the activities involved, the human resources and the costs to the healthcare system.200818488953
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