wild ungulates as sentinel of btv-8 infection in piedmont areas.bluetongue caused by the genotype 8 virus (btv-8) appeared for the first time in btv free areas in northern italy in 2008. the presence of domestic animals outbreaks, abundant wild ungulates populations, and ongoing regional btv control plans, made this area interesting to evaluate the role of wild ruminants in btv-8 epidemiology. we analyzed spleen samples from hunted red deer (cervus elaphus), roe deer (capreolus capreolus) and alpine chamois (rupicapra rupicapra) by quantitative rt-pcr. sampl ...201425306211
ticks and bacterial tick-borne pathogens in piemonte region, northwest italy.a molecular screening for tick-borne pathogens was carried out in engorged and in questing ticks collected in verbano cusio ossola county, piemonte region, italy. engorged ticks were removed from wild and domestic animal hosts. the most abundant and common tick species in the area was ixodes ricinus (192 adults, 907 nymphs). few individuals of ixodes hexagonus (15) and rhipicephalus sanguineus (7) were found among the ticks removed from domestic animals (46 examined ticks). the presence of ricke ...201729189951
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