post-messinian evolutionary relationships across the sicilian channel: mitochondrial and nuclear markers link a new green toad from sicily to african relatives.little attention has been paid to the consequences of the last landbridge between africa and sicily on mediterranean biogeography. previous paleontological and scarce molecular data suggest possible faunal exchange later than the well-documented landbridge in the messinian (5.3 my); however, a possible african origin of recent terrestrial sicilian fauna has not been thoroughly tested with molecular methods. to gain insight into the phylogeography of the region, we examine two mitochondrial and t ...200818294389
inferring the degree of incipient speciation in secondary contact zones of closely related lineages of palearctic green toads (bufo viridis subgroup).reproductive isolation between lineages is expected to accumulate with divergence time, but the time taken to speciate may strongly vary between different groups of organisms. in anuran amphibians, laboratory crosses can still produce viable hybrid offspring >20 my after separation, but the speed of speciation in closely related anuran lineages under natural conditions is poorly studied. palearctic green toads (bufo viridis subgroup) offer an excellent system to address this question, comprising ...201424713825
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