avian schistosomes and human cercarial dermatitis in a wildlife refuge in mazandaran province, northern iran.each year, hundreds of aquatic migratory birds migrate from northern hemisphere to the mazandaran province, northern iran. little information is available on prevalence and density of schistosomes in water birds in iran and around the world. the objectives of this study were to determine definitive and intermediate hosts of avian schistosomes as well as to assess human cercarial dermatitis (hcd) in a wildlife refuge in mazandaran province. of 1106 examined people, 589 (53.2%) had maculopapular r ...201323121919
phylogenetic analysis of nasal avian schistosomes (trichobilharzia) from aquatic birds in mazandaran province, northern iran.nasal schistosomes are trematodes in the family schistosomatidae, many members of which are causative agents of human cercarial dermatitis (hcd). little is known about the species diversity and distribution of nasal dwelling schistosomes of water birds, particularly in countries outside of europe; even less is known in countries like iran. nasal schistosomes are of particular interest since these species migrate via the central nervous system to the nasal cavity once they penetrate their host. t ...201626631753
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